Marketing 101, Social Butterfly

Building Relationships One Post or Tweet at a Time

Ahem…let me step up on my soapbox for just a moment. If you’re not utilizing resources for social media, the gap will only widen between you and customer engagement. I see proof each and everyday with clients that “don’t want to spend any time or money on something so silly.”

I have an example I always love to share. It was just after Hurricane Sandy. I jumped on Facebook to see what was up and saw that The Humane Society of the United States had set up shop in the depths of the destruction to help out. They had a post which included photos of their makeshift shelters and, most importantly, supplied a link to donate. I didn’t hesitate. I had already given funds to The Red Cross but didn’t want to miss an opportunity to help the four-legged victims.

A few months later, my cell phone rang and it was The Humane Society of the United States. It was the typical call center set up. I could hear other operators talking in the background which immediately turned me off. When the operator asked for a donation, I politely declined. At that moment, she said something snarky which made me mad.

This whole scenario got me thinking. Why did I jump at the subtle plea on Facebook and got miffed at the phone call? It’s simple. I am an intelligent and savvy consumer and giver (at least I want to think I am). When the “post” on Facebook showed up, I felt I was making the decision with no one pulling my strings. It empowered me and made me feel unique. I even “shared” the post with my 267 friends and I know, at least one of them gave too.

While the phone call made me feel intruded upon and like my Mom was calling and telling me what to do. I haven’t needed my Mom to order me around since I was 13 (okay maybe 22). The woman on the phone completely put me off and offended my intelligence and independence.

I let this be a lesson that I attempt to share with whomever will listen. It is an important one, I think. Digital has changed the consumer and we need to change with them or fail.