Customer Service

Dear Why is it impossible to give you money (an open letter)?


As someone who works in E-commerce, I know how utterly important it is when you have someone with their CC out and making a purchase. It’s crucial that the process is quick and seamless. I thought it was, until I got your error about my CC being declined and please check the number, blah, blah, blah. So I did. I tried again. and again. and again. Finally, I called your 800# for guidance. I was advised by a female it was probably my omission of my middle initial and that would fix it, with a quick good-bye. So I tried again. Same error. I then thought I’d call my bank to see what was what. They looked at my account and saw SIX charges pending on it. Each was $340. Now, that can freak a person out. I don’t know about you, but I rarely have two grand lying around in case of charge errors due to an error in an e-commerce cart.

My bank, Wells Fargo (who is awesome by the way), said they would put in a fraud claim to insure that the charges would not hit my account. That took about 30 minutes to accomplish.

My next step was to call you guys. I wanted to be sure you knew about the error and to prevent you from running those charges through. The male on the other end of the phone took a very nonchalant attitude regarding my money, time, intention to purchase a gift certificate, etc. I explained my concerns. He said those charges would not go through (addendum: As of Saturday, the has a hold on $2,040–pretty painful and not a great way to treat a customer. Why couldn’t the customer service agent fix this?). I then asked the question EVERY e-commerce business wants to hear “how do I purchase a $340 gift certificate from you?” I’ll bet you want to know the answer I got, don’t you? Well, call me surprised when I was told to “just use another card on the website because your site just doesn’t like some credit cards.” Really? Your site has an aversion to a credit card issued from Wells Fargo, or does it have an aversion to just the blue ones, or the ones with a certain security code. Perhaps, it was something else my card did to your website? If so, I am truly sorry.

I write this today because it’s imperative that you know you lost a sale due to something that should work. I went directly to the spa to purchase my $340 gift certificate. They don’t discriminate, and took my blue Wells Fargo card with enthusiasm and gratitude. I would also be greatly concerned that when your customer service agent looked me up in your system, I didn’t exist after SIX trips through your buying process. That means, you have no record of these purchase failures. No record means = no reports = extreme revenue loss.

Best regards,

Gretchen Guard