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Quick Read: You Should Make your LinkedIn Company Page a Priority. But, Why?

It breaks my heart every time I research a company and find nothing on LinkedIn; or I find a sad little sparse page with the company name, address and that’s about it. There aren’t any images or descriptions or products/services listed. It just about makes a marketer break down and cry. Why, you ask? Oh, don’t worry, I’m about to tell ya…

LinkedIn-company-page-Infographic-Image1. When future employees, customers, investors, vendors, creditors, shareholders; you name it, go looking for information about your company, they look on LinkedIn.

2. When Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on go looking for information that futureĀ employees, customers, investors, vendors, creditors, shareholders type into that magical search field, LinkedIn is a crucially important link that COULD show up on results instead of your competition. SEO 101: the more results in a search with your name and website on them, the more traffic you’ll get.

LinkedIn is a necessity in today’s business environment. Get on the band wagon already and update/create that page. Here’s a great infographic that will help motivate. If you need help with your page, I’m here.

Oh, and upload a picture on YOUR profile page, too,Ā  while you’re at it. We are all tired of seeing a shadowy outline when we run across your name. Not many of us like to do business with shadowy outlines.