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Video is the Yang to Social Media’s Yin with These Easy Apps!

First, a disclaimer. I am new to the video scene. These are observations and suggestions from what I’ve learned in my research so you won’t have to.

I think Adobe Premiere Pro is so much fun! I made my first, very short video today by cutting and combining two videos and, of course, here’s a link. I know, I know. I’m sorry I made you go and watch my cat claw at a pigeon, but isn’t he cute!

I think the most important lesson of the day was that, as amazing as Adobe Premier Pro is, it is quite a cumbersome piece of software for the casual user. It’s really something the “Pros” use to create incredibly slick ads, videos, etc.

The good news is, there are so many easy ‘shoot, upload and post’ apps with a ton of fun features. It will seriously take you about five minutes to shoot and upload a video–even a GIF. Now you can showcase your business, employees, products and more, often. And, “often” is the key word here.

VINE – I downloaded this app which works in conjunction with Twitter. You simply touch the screen to start recording and release to stop. The fun part is you can start and stop how every much your creative, little heart likes. All Vine Video’s are a mere six seconds but it’s incredible how much you can convey in six seconds. Download and play today. Lowe’s just launched a Vine campaign. Check it out.

GIFboom –¬† It’s an incredibly easy tool that makes creating GIF’s a cinch. If you don’t know what they are, here’s a link (I promise no cat). Can you see the possibilities in having fun demonstrating a product, feature, tool, etc.? These are even shorter than a Vine video. I mean, we’re talking frames here. But, download the app and play around. You will definitely have a good time.

Of course there is nothing like a YouTube video for longer  and meatier messages, but the world is moving faster and, with it, our information is coming at is a lightning speed. Grab on to your phone and embrace the new media. How will Vine and GIFboom make an impact with your message?